Brent Tuckett - Baker of Square Donuts

Meet the king of the square donut, baker Brent Tuckett. Yeah, I said square donut. Seems like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? Aren’t donuts supposed to be round? Is a square donut still a donut? Brent might hold the answers, but he’s not a man of many words; probably because he’s tired.

Lehi Bakery - Fresh Square donuts

The Lehi Bakery


At 1:00am, Brent fires up the mixers and fryers — just like he’s done each night for over 30 years — and begins making these tasty square treats by hand.

Brent Tuckett - Baker of Square Donuts

When the bakery opens each morning, people line up hoping to snag their share of the donuts before they sell out; often times before noon.

Bakery - Square donuts

The secret to the square is a roller cutting device that Brent’s father acquired years ago at an equipment sell from a retiring bakery. He put it to use with the leftover scraps and the rest is history.

Mixing dough for square donuts

Brent Tuckett - Baker of Square Donuts

When asked how many donuts he makes each morning, Brent always gives a perplexed look and heavy sigh, “Hundreds, over a thousand.”

Fresh Twist Donuts from Lehi Bakery

Fresh donuts from Lehi Bakery

This year, the bakery turns 50. Brent’s father started the Lehi Bakery all those years ago and passed it on to him. Brent is the Lehi Bakery. Without him, there would be no donuts, no breads, no treats. The man is in desperate need of a vacation to say the least.

Brent Tuckett - Baker of Square Donuts

Watching Brent work is like watching a choreographed dance; mixing flour, machines, and mastery. Brent is the Michael Jordon of donuts, but without the ego.

Frying fresh donuts - Lehi Bakery

Fresh Donut Holes - Lehi Bakery

Brent Tuckett - Baker of Square Donuts

The Lehi Bakery

Fresh Squares from Lehi Bakery

As for the taste of these square treats, are they good? Let’s just say there’s a good reason people have lined up each morning. They are amazing. Thanks, Brent.

Brent Tuckett - Baker of Square Donuts - Master of the Square


  • SONY A9
  • 50mm f1.4
  •  85mm f1.4
  •  35mm f1.4



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