The city that gave us plastic pink flamingos, Scarface, the Cocaine Cowboys, plastic surgery, stunning beaches, and obscenely beautiful people has another thing to offer; a burgeoning urban art scene known as Wynwood.

blue sidebyside

By day, it’s a giant Andy Warhol exhibit with 50-foot paintings on every corner contrasted against a ceiling of blue sky and white clouds.  

When night falls, the streets take on an entirely new personality; moody and mysterious.

Darkness draws a crowd of curious onlookers, along with exotic lowriders and numerous Instagram divas.  

With its quirky coffee shops, art galleries, and restaurants, it’s Miami’s alter ego. If South Beach is Miami’s glam side, then Wynwood is its gritty side.

Here’s to the eclectic artists and entrepreneurs of one of America’s coolest hangouts.


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