Wedge’n It: Surfing Newport Style

If you head to the south end of Newport Beach, you hit “The Wedge.” A short area with a super steep beach producing massive waves that just crash into the shore. Late in the afternoon, dozens of locals fresh off of work, head there to surf, skimboard, or bodysurf.

It’s man verses wave at this unique place in California. There’s some kick ass surfing to behold against the setting sun.


What is now called “The Wedge” was once called “The Hook” by local surfers back in the 1930’s. “The Wedge” seems to perfectly describe this section of beach. With the steep sandy slope, the surf crashes in on a ridiculous angle — with spectacular force making it dangerous for the naive surfers.

At one time the locals regarded it to be so dangerous that they attempted to close it permanently. Today, if you come between May and October, you may see a black ball flag, which means no boards allowed between the hours of 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.

The surfers seem to come from all different walks of life with one thing in common, the drive to be seriously mistreated by the waves. You gotta love their passion for abuse.


The waves are punishing and the visuals are stunning. Which is obviously why this famous stretch of beach was featured in the movie Endless Summer.

Here’s to the surfing souls of “The Wedge” at Newport. If you come to capture the place, be there late in the afternoon. Come with a long lens and prepare to be entertained. 

Here’s to the surfers of Newport.


  • SONY A7r2
  • SONY 70-200mm f2.8