Larry Rosenkranz, snowshoeing in Utah

Larry straps two small plastic snowshoes over his running sneakers, then heads off for a routine jaunt of 14 miles on a lonely snow packed mountain trail. 

Larry Rosenkranz, snowshoeing in Utah

The run is nothing for him. He’s usually by himself, occasionally passing a cross country skier. Over the years, he’s had run-ins with grizzly bears, black bears, a moose, and coyotes.

From an engineer employed by the Federal Government for 27 years to a school bus driver training in between pickups, meet Larry Rosenkranz, an expert snowshoe runner.


At 53, he seems to be getting faster with age. He’s been to the US National Snowshoe Championships three times, competing in the half marathon. He took first place in his age category in 2016. He prefers the longer races, from half marathons to 25k. His key in dealing with cold feet, NEVER STOP RUNNING.

Larry Rosenkranz, snowshoeing in Utah 

Larry Rosenkranz, snowshoeing in Utah

“Some people might be spooked by being out on a trail by themselves, but that doesn’t bother me; knowing that you’re out there with wildlife. I’m sure there’s been times when mountain lions have been watching me. Fortunately, I’ve never seen them, but I’m sure they’ve seen me.”

Larry Rosenkranz, snowshoeing in Utah

Here’s to Larry, a living, breathing, snowshoeing machine who proves that getting older doesn’t have to mean getting slower.


  • SONY A7r2
  • SONY 24-70mm f2.8
  • DJI Inspire 2

Special thanks to Larry Rosenkranz, Gordon Huston,  Ramsey Kiefer, Palmer Pattison, and Paul Tuft.

Stay Curious.


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